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We're particularly concerned with the lack of disclosure in the '50s, '60s and '70s around the potential damages of this product.
George Abbott

[B.C. Health Minister George Abbott praised the initiative.] The province commends the Lois Fish Palliative Society for creating a source of comprehensive information on palliative resources in B.C., ... By January 2006, we are hopeful this resource will link directly with B.C. NurseLine and further enhance the ability of the nurses to provide greater assistance to British Columbians with end-of-life care, service providers and organizations in their communities.
George Abbott

For the present time, there are probably only a few areas in which one might be able to move forward by evidence-based benchmarks,
George Abbott

The bad news is that [Maximus] failed to meet their service-level requirements for paper-based turn-around times in September and as a consequence are being penalized for that, ... it is likely that there will be a paper-based penalty (for October) as well.
George Abbott

We are very appreciative of this opportunity to hold the tobacco industry to account for its destructive products. That it was unanimous indicates the power of this ruling.
George Abbott

We have not found any evidence or data either within the Ministry of Health or within the Fraser Health Authority that would appear to substantiate that particular suggestion, so we're following up now with the authors of the report to find out exactly what they meant.
George Abbott