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He was probably the most popular player in the NBA other than Michael Jordan,
Geoff Petrie

Not in my mind.
Geoff Petrie

The team was going into transition. The team that we had could not continue to exist. Because of age, injury, it could not get to that same level. It had to change. I wish this team could have been frozen in time for 10 years, but that's not the reality.
Geoff Petrie
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I got to the office at 7 (a.m.). The phone rang at 7:30 and it was John and he said, 'Hey, we've got this thing going. Do you have any interest in getting in, getting involved in any of these players?' That's exactly what happened. Up to that point, I hadn't even talked to Portland, which is why you can't make absolute statements about these things.
Geoff Petrie

That's the kind of story that's yet to be written. All we can say is what we've done to this point. And Ron has helped us reclaim a season that was headed for oblivion.
Geoff Petrie