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Geno Zamora Quotes

We've worked for the last 10 months building our campaign, and the fruits of our labor were realized at the pre-primary convention. We visited all 33 counties, and I'm humbled to see that folks heard and listened to the fact that I've got the credentials.
Geno Zamora

I am grateful to have had Tom Udall as my mentor in the practice of law.
Geno Zamora

Tom said people in our country should not live like this. We filed law suits in Dona Ana County and it worked for two reasons. The developers knew they would be held accountable and there was some serious reform of the New Mexico Subdivision Act.
Geno Zamora

There's a perception that the attorney general's office is just for Albuquerque and Santa Fe.
Geno Zamora

As attorney general I feel it is my duty to education our public officials about ethics and anti-corruption laws. I'm sending out an early warning that come Jan. 1, I will rabidly enforce our ethics and anti-corruption laws.
Geno Zamora

As the people's lawyer, I will put my experience to fight for a better state for every New Mexican.
Geno Zamora