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Local officials will start identifying homes that need to be removed (condemned). When that happens those people will need these temporary homes.
Gene Romano

What happened in the past seven days may not be a reflection of what will happen over the next seven days. Housing is the most critical factor right now. Everything is getting better every week.
Gene Romano

While they may not have seen a person like myself in a FEMA shirt, they may have seen other disaster workers and again in the very beginning the volunteer agencies were providing support and that is the way the system is designed.
Gene Romano

Due to his health, he's not going to be able to attend the Super Bowl.
Gene Romano

Because Hancock County was one of the hardest hit, that creates a need, but it also creates some challenges.
Gene Romano

We will contact her. We'll verify the information about the hookup and we certainly want to go ahead and move that unit so it can be used for another.
Gene Romano