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As good as (Internet) technology is and the choices it provides, nothing will ever replace the shared experience of watching the Olympics on television. We do believe that.
Gary Zenkel

We found that the more content we make available, the more buzz we create. There's an audience for the consumption of media that's super-strong in front of the TV and also strong when people are not. We have to make sure our content is made available to people wherever they are.
Gary Zenkel

It's really difficult to predict what the future is going to bring. Right now the Olympics garners a premium in both rights fees and ad buys because it is able to attract and sustain an enormous TV audience. Until that audience and those advertising dollars are diverted to other [media] platforms, we will not in any way compromise the value of the exclusivity of TV.
Gary Zenkel
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People want to keep up with what's happening, but more than anything else we wanted to showcase the multimedia content we have access to and address the huge appetite audiences are demonstrating for accessing video content on the Internet.
Gary Zenkel
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