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Gary Kessler Quotes

With the new system at Champlain, I cannot get Social Security numbers of my students. I can't even accidentally disclose the information. The only people that generally require Social Security numbers are dealing with financial aid.
Gary Kessler

I try and find out as much about the case as I can, so I can make a value judgment as to whether I can work for the person. I have turned down cases because I didn't like the side I would be working for.
Gary Kessler

But, for better or for worse, most of the cases I have been involved in lately are divorce cases that have turned ugly and [the lawyers] feel there is critical information on the computers.
Gary Kessler

I really stumbled into this. When I started at this college, I had no expectation of necessarily doing any consulting. But the first call came a month after coming to college.
Gary Kessler

Honda's global success is directly related to our core philosophy of delivering the highest possible value to our customers through quality products and customer service. Today we acknowledge select suppliers who share in our philosophy and thank them for their dedication to American Honda's quality commitment.
Gary Kessler