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Fred Matua Quotes

It's just the way we operate. We are able to take a fun environment into a serious situation.
Fred Matua

I always have fun. I am always looking for a way to have a good time and help get my teammates relaxed.
Fred Matua

We're going to take what they're saying and just go with it. We believe that we're the best. They believe that they're the best. What we say over here is, 'The fourth shall set us free. The truth will be told.' Let's go play.
Fred Matua

It feels good. For them to do well we have to do out jobs. We don't need to be on the cover of magazines. As long as they are (on magazine covers) we know we're doing our jobs and we are comfortable with that.
Fred Matua

We've had a lot of experience winning tough games and playing tough games. This is what it's all about. This had all the ingredients for a great game.
Fred Matua