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A good showing (for us) on the road in a tough place to play against good AA competition. Basically, they shot the ball very well. The (Bobby) Howard kid hit a number of threes (three) against us.
Fred Febach

It was a great bounce back after last night. The kids responded well and stepped up to the challenge.
Fred Febach

We have a real shot of getting to Butte in March. We just have to keep improving, and building on our chemistry and our confidence.
Fred Febach
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We stressed defense in practice this week. We didn't locate their shooters when we played them down there; we can't afford to do that again.
Fred Febach

They played every possession hard. Both teams wanted it very badly.
Fred Febach

The Bison played a super basketball game. Good for them. I wish them all the best in the championship game.
Fred Febach
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