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A show of police force worthy of a banana republic is the latest attraction on the cobbled streets of Georgetown.
Francis Clines

Britain's gnawing hunger for retrospection is of Proustian proportions; historical confections of past glory are always being sugared up and nibbled at somewhere in the land.
Francis Clines

It is "lifestyle" journalism the way Chaucer first invented it, and the Times, onto a good thing, is uninhibitedly publishing articles on the passing of a cuckolded poet, a rock promoter strangely addicted to collecting orangutans and an Italian writer striving "to avoid becoming a bore."
Francis Clines
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Peter Utley, the newspaper's obituary editor cheerfully checked with Primrose Palmer, his assistant, on the day's soul traffic. The late archbishop from New Zealand sounded promising, it was agreed, but then again it was lunch time, and who knew what had been happening in some now-ending life.
Francis Clines
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The resultant tales from life are stirring reader interest, survivor passions and unease among Britons.
Francis Clines
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A mass of Victorian wiles and granite that resembles a battleship in the rain and a wedding cake in the sun.
Francis Clines