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WHO tries to encourage people to try and lead a healthy life. There is safe sex, one can drink alcohol in a reasonable way and one can attempt eating in a balanced fashion. But with tobacco, there is no middle ground, it is black and white and it kills half of those consuming it.
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#Alcohol And Alcoholism

health workers are overwhelmed by injured and routine work is disrupted.
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We haven't received an official request to send experts. But we are in contact with the Nigerian government to see what exactly the country's needs are.
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The first working hypothesis is that the children touched, played with sick chickens and were infected that way. But they are also going to try to see if we are faced with a first case of human-to-human transmission, which would be the start of a flu epidemic.
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The meeting will continue development of an operational guide for WHO and international public health authorities to use in an attempt to extinguish a pandemic in its initial stages.
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