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We're just going to focus on individual events this weekend. The majority of the team will travel home Saturday night after the individual events, while a couple of the field event competitors will stay to compete Sunday. It makes it difficult to compete in the relays on Sunday, travel home and be prepared for classes Monday morning.
Elvis Forde

The Drake Relays is invitation only. We have a number of kids that won't compete this weekend. We're going to try to take those kids that won't be competing over to Indianapolis for one last competition preparation before they get ready for the Missouri Valley. That is the important thing that we will be looking at this weekend.
Elvis Forde

We're going to have to make some improvements on the men's side. We need to go back to work and pick up the intensity. As the season goes on we need to keep working hard to make a better impression at the conference championships.
Elvis Forde
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The Drake Relays is one of those prestigious meets around the country that is always a marquee event this time of year. It's a very special event there.
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Right now it's more important to have Lauren for the Conference Championships than to have her compete in the multi-events at Drake. It's unfortunate that she was invited to compete in the event, but we need to do what we can to nurse her back to health and have her ready to go in two weeks.
Elvis Forde
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The athletes are up for the challenge. They're focused and I think our confidence is riding high. With two weeks before conference I think they really want to put up a good showing. This will be a very good test for us to see where we are mentally. If we can go out and execute as well as we have this year I think we'll be happy with the results.
Elvis Forde