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Ellen Sauerbrey Quotes

I think one of the things that has been very clearly established that should give a lot of comfort to concerned Americans is that virtually every country said we interpret it the same as you -- we interpret that these are issues of national sovereignty.
Ellen Sauerbrey

My name recognition is high, we've got a great grassroots organization in place, and I think the people of Maryland are ready for someone who's going to give safe streets and good schools, and a growing economy.
Ellen Sauerbrey

I think these are the skills that one needs along with the humanitarian heart to get the job done, to protect the most vulnerable people that this bureau is charged with protecting.
Ellen Sauerbrey

I think most important, you need to have the compassion and caring for helping to protect vulnerable people.
Ellen Sauerbrey

I have a very deep commitment to the fundamental work of this bureau protecting vulnerable people,
Ellen Sauerbrey