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Trusted flash has to be flexible in its architecture. We support any DRM, or combination thereof, whether open or proprietary.
Eli Harari

Today content is locked to play back on one device. Now we have the freedom to enjoy content on whatever device consumers want to use.
Eli Harari

We think this will be a disruptive technology, but will enable a whole new world of opportunities in the mobile market.
Eli Harari

The semiconductor industry will, we believe, experience period capacity shortages for these leading-edge production wafers. As some of the end markets for our products begin a steep growth phase, we will need every wafer we can get.
Eli Harari

We are optimistic about our business outlook and our competitiveness in 2006 and expect this to be a year of continuing strong growth in demand in our target markets as well as a competitive landscape that is characteristic of rapidly growing consumer mass–markets.
Eli Harari