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The prosecution is carefully studying the circumstances of the events. We are doing the same. So at this time, the results of those studies are not at all conclusive or finished. I would anticipate in the next 30 to 45 days that most of the work will have been completed and we will reach a point where there will be specific information concerning what the facts show of how this happened. And until that time, we won't discuss the details of what happened.
Ed Garland

Jamal Lewis wants everyone to know that he is not guilty, that he has not been involved in drugs. He's extremely disappointed that this is happening.
Ed Garland

The liberty and life of a fellow citizen is now in your hands.
Ed Garland

His oath should have been, 'I Tony Harwood swear to lie, I say you should reject Tony Harwood 100 percent. Throw him out. He ain't worth nothing.
Ed Garland
#Lies And Lying

There's a real danger to our system of justice when we use liars to bring us the truth.
Ed Garland

Harwood's testimony was so unworthy of belief that we would not dignify any remark from his mouth with any questions. No jury could credit a single word from his mouth.
Ed Garland