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This is our political campaign, and we'll do it as if we were running for statewide office. We are prepared to fight the so-called marriage amendment at the ballot box.
Dyana Mason

The amendment goes far beyond just defining marriage between a man and a woman. What it does is prohibit recognition for all unmarried couples in the state.
Dyana Mason

Not one piece of testimony on behalf of this measure has been able to demonstrate how amending the Virginia Constitution to prohibit marriage equality for same-sex couples, civil unions and other marriage look-alikes would somehow strengthen or protect heterosexual marriage.
Dyana Mason

We're very happy the Senate chose to keep the full text of the amendment as the ballot question. It's really important that voters know what their vote will mean when they cast it in November. We look forward to having that discussion with the voters.
Dyana Mason

We're very pleased. The most important thing is voters know exactly what they're voting on.
Dyana Mason

It really is just a thinly veiled attempt to allow school boards to discriminate.
Dyana Mason