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Dwayne Jones Quotes

I think I've opened a lot of eyes.
Dwayne Jones

I came in here trying to make enough of an impression to get picked in the first round. That's been my goal all along.
Dwayne Jones

I see a lot of other guys who haven't played at all, just practicing and sitting on the bench during games. Getting that experience down there made me a better player. Of course, everybody wants to be up here in the NBA, but you have to look hard at your future. That will help me in the long run.
Dwayne Jones

It was definitely a good experience, getting a NBA type coach and being able to play 30 minutes a game. Going from college basketball I wasn't too accustomed to the style of play in the NBA, so being there helped me out a lot.
Dwayne Jones

I understand there may be some problems with the process, but I think they need to correct the process before they actually consider removing a candidate.
Dwayne Jones