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Dustin Maguire Quotes

Alton has a great team. You've got to give them a lot of credit. They came out here and played on our court and came out to win. They matched our intensity right from the beginning.
Dustin Maguire

Spencer's definitely our leader, on and off the court, by example. He doesn't yell. I don't think we need any of that.
Dustin Maguire

We realized it was an important game for us because an opportunity for an undefeated season doesn't come along very often. And we didn't want to let that pass us by.
Dustin Maguire

He's a special kid for us. You've got two Division I basketball players. You've got E.J. Jones getting all the attention in football and Joe is already getting the attention. Then there's Mark doing his job every day, coming in and just putting in the hard work just like everybody else and not really asking anything in return.
Dustin Maguire

He definitely helped my love for the game and my competitiveness. He's taught me everything I know and he's done a good job of helping me along the way.
Dustin Maguire

I want to work on my overall strength and quickness. It's a guard-oriented conference (Big East). I want to be able to step in right away and be a difference-maker.
Dustin Maguire