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Dror Etkes Quotes

Our message to the government is that if you won't take responsibility to uphold the law, we will force you to do so.
Dror Etkes

So much irony in this story. We the leftists converted suddenly and started to pray for Sharon's health.
Dror Etkes

This is a game, an important game, but a game.
Dror Etkes

It's a trade-off. The Gaza Strip for the settlement blocks; the Gaza Strip for Palestinian land; the Gaza Strip for unilaterally imposing borders. They don't know how long they've got. That's why they're building like maniacs.
Dror Etkes

The government is not behaving in a manner befitting a country which should respect the rule of law. We're saying that if you issue an order, which is protected by law, then carry it out.
Dror Etkes