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People with this disability find it very hard to block out competing noises. For example, if a person with this disability was having a conversation with another person, and a fan was blowing in the room, the person with the disability might not be able to block out the fan and lose the conversation. A noisy class environment could make it tough.
Dr. Gillam

Students with learning disabilities have problems after high school, but many of them get by. Depending on the person and what the job requires as far as skills, it could be problematic.
Dr. Gillam

There are probably people working next to you, and you wouldn't know it because they don't mention it. People learn to cope with their disability and are able to get jobs.
Dr. Gillam

If a student is struggling, not having a lot of success can impact self-esteem. They can feel like they are retarded or think they have limitations and a sense of inadequacy. If an obstacle can't be conquered, the person might go to extreme measures to try and ignore the problem altogether.
Dr. Gillam