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We are still looking for consistency day in and day out. When we play well - we play very well - but when we are down it seems we really get down.
Doug Stoffel

Seeing Homestead win 28 years in a row certainly merits a level of frustration. The toughest part is knowing that in any other sectional around the area, we would have several trophies by now. They (Homestead) have a top-notch program full of players that train privately all year long and certainly have to be given a lot of credit.
Doug Stoffel

This team is young and I think we are starting to learn how to weather the storms better.
Doug Stoffel

For us, our goals lie in the regular season. Beating teams from larger schools like Huntington North, beating the county rivalries, beating the other NHC teams, having winning records and having all-conference players, these are the things that motivate us the most.
Doug Stoffel