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There are also a number of other agencies involved - the New York DEC, the USDA Nature Resource Conservation Service and the USDA Farm Services Agency, the Soil and Water Conservation Districts and the Future Forests group out of DEC Region 8. Without the cooperation of all of these groups, an event such as this wouldn't be possible.
Doug Little

We try to spread out the events across the country to reach folks in different areas. The first one took place in South Carolina and we've been holding them in New York for a couple of summers.
Doug Little

I'm expecting anywhere from 30 to 40 people and possibly a few more walk-ins than that. When I last checked, between 25 and 30 had already been pre-registered. We should be in the 30 to 40 range by the time we hold the event. Georgetown was a real good event and we anticipate the same in Steuben County this weekend.
Doug Little

Joe's our best recruiter. We think all four of those kids will be impact players.
Doug Little

It's a strong result and importantly for investors they've maintained their earnings guidance.
Doug Little

The tulips have been blooming early so we've expanded the festival back to meet the tulips over the past decade. We've gone from six days to 11 days to 19 days now. It's critical that we match the festival with the tulips.
Doug Little