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Doug Lewis Quotes

We're having to go through a tough transition. For whole lot of people, there is a comfort level in having paper to go back to. It's difficult for someone to track this electronically, rather than on paper.
Doug Lewis

There are lots of people who say they want to do it and say they are willing to do it, not understanding the elections process and technology process. That's our biggest concern; it's how do we get there? Right now, the truth is, we don't have enough answers.
Doug Lewis

We were going to find that elections were manipulated wildly and regularly. Yet there was never any proof that that happened anywhere in America.
Doug Lewis

We don't expect the students to come up with the final design. This is more for stimulating discussion and raising awareness about what we want to see in the roundabout and how we're going to get it there.
Doug Lewis

This was the heart of the European community when this area was settled. This is a prime site that calls for public art.
Doug Lewis