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I ask for a statewide recount of every vote in this election -- a recount of every vote in every precinct, of every vote in every county, ... Let's recount all of the votes and discover once and for all who was the legitimate winner of Tuesday's election.
Don Siegelman

I think the people deserve another vote,
Don Siegelman

I think the people of Alabama now realize that they would rather have Don's lottery than Bob and Lucy's taxes.
Don Siegelman

[But Siegelman tells a different story:] Sometime after midnight, after the poll watchers were sent home, a small group there decided to recount the votes a third time, ... No watchers legally entitled to be present were notified -- and then a different total was established.
Don Siegelman
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A few obsessed government officials have spent millions of dollars of taxpayers' money in an attempt to control a governor's election, ... The people of Alabama aren't going to let that happen, and I'm not going to let it happen.
Don Siegelman
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You used reports of a projected surplus in the budget to basically promise everything to everybody. In fact, you took credit for everything except raising our property taxes.
Don Siegelman