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Don Knapp Quotes

Until we get a league up and running, we can't expect to be in the media at home. We need that to get a toe hold. We win just by being here, and if we take away any money, that's a huge help.
Don Knapp

We won both throwing events. I'm really proud of those girls. We haven't done that in a meet in a while.
Don Knapp

Matt had an outstanding day. He's a freshman and he won both the mile and the two-mile.
Don Knapp

The whole team ran well, but with this big of a group of schools, it was not easy to make the top eight. We ran some of our fastest times to get in the top 12 to 15 teams. Some of the best Kansas City and St. Louis schools were there in addition to the best athletes from mid-Missouri. This meet was a major showcase of state-wide track talent for this early in the season.
Don Knapp