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A commitment to customer success will continue to guide the Wily solution set. Our ability to help customers derive maximum value from their enterprise applications is unparalleled. As part of CA, we look forward to accelerating our development and reaching an even wider audience with the most advanced management solutions in the market.
Dick Williams

We would like to see local taxes be more balanced and not overly rely on the sales tax. On the other hand, both statewide and presumably locally, we're not only interested in fairness, but we're also interested in adequate revenue for the state and presumably the local government, too.
Dick Williams

I did notice it, ... And I thought it was ironic. It brought back memories. The whole experience was so darn much fun.
Dick Williams

I'm very proud of the girls. This is the game I've been waiting for them to have.
Dick Williams
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Especially at this time when it's obvious that government has certain expenditure needs in the wake of two hurricanes and we don't know what else.
Dick Williams

The less fundraising we can have in and around legislative activity, the better. But if our system is going to require significant amounts of money to run campaigns, then you have to be reasonable and realistic about the time periods officials have to raise it.
Dick Williams