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He's smart. But it's like a learning disability. If you're talking to him straight on, you either have to repeat it so he can catch on to it or he'll catch it the first time.
Diane Adams

It's absolutely devastating, ... It's one <br/> thing to see it on TV, and it's another to talk to a mom and dad and<br/> children who have lost everything.
Diane Adams
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It's been quite hectic. Through the generosity of local businesses, namely Wal-Mart, Kentucky Fried Chicken, and Plum Creek Cleaners, as well as school children from District 22, and a host of Dawson County residents and others in surrounding counties, we were able to help the families furnish their living quarters and obtain food and clothing.
Diane Adams

I didn't even know he was into art. I did a little bit because my parents passed when he was 7 and the next year my friend's father passed. He went home and drew the whole cemetery with the casket, the seats and all the tombstones with all the names on it. That's when we knew he could draw from memory.
Diane Adams
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