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We use the same general approach. We have to understand why he isn't coming to school and listen to what is coming between them as a person because some anger is directed at you or the school. Anger could be directed at another individual or a life situation. In order to make the student/parent relationship successful, the student must be in touch with his own pain, identity and change.
Dennis Kirk
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Some kids are put in shelters and there are a number of reasons. Kids run away from home and there are other problems in the community that have an impact on attendance. They are breaking state law by not coming to school.
Dennis Kirk

I had one girl miss 100 days. Kids sneak out in the middle of the night and the parents don't know where they are at. They look in their room and they are gone.
Dennis Kirk

There are so many social problems that impact students today. There could be a divorce or a death where a parent is separated from the other spouse. Sometimes a family can move too many times.
Dennis Kirk