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[They were also told to exercise daily.] It was mostly walking, ... We asked them to do yoga and meditation.
Dean Ornish

Diet and other lifestyle changes play an important role in the development of many health problems. Now we have evidence it can slow the progression of prostate cancer.
Dean Ornish
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that the progression of prostate cancer may be beneficially affected by making comprehensive changes in diet and lifestyle.
Dean Ornish
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what affects prostate cancer may also have implications for breast cancer as well.
Dean Ornish
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The whole point of science is to help people sort out conflicting science, and nowhere is there more conflicting claims than in the area of diet, ... It's important to bring together good scientists. Good scientists say, 'Show me the data.'
Dean Ornish
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People tend to think of breakthroughs in medicine as a new drug, a laser, or a high-tech surgical procedure. They often have a hard time believing that the simple choices that we make in our lifestyle?what we eat, how we respond to stress, whether or not we smoke cigarettes, how much exercise we get, and the quality of our relationships and support?can be as powerful as drugs and surgery. But they often are.
Dean Ornish
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