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Arctic energy from Canada was driving steadily southward, while this ball of tropical energy from the hurricane was moving northward. When they met, it caused this storm to explode, in weather terms.
David Vallee

This was truly an awesome example of nature taking advantage of everything she's got available.
David Vallee

We only have theories about the biggest waves, because it's hard to get observations to quantify the theory.
David Vallee

It's rare to have a system of that magnitude back up.
David Vallee

No matter how much we think we understand the processes of nature, nature can always do something a little different, a little unexpected. It makes you realize how small we are.
David Vallee

Is there some hint that global warming is the reason? Maybe. Or is it sunspot cycles? Is it fluctuations in solar activity? We don't know enough to make an absolute answer.
David Vallee
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