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My dad was a diehard fan, ... We had season tickets from when I was about 5 to about 12 years old. I used to go to a couple of games a year. I still remember where the seats were, too, 15-yard line, on the scoreboard side, under the awning. So if it rained or whatever, we were always underneath.
David Parry

That's an hour less than our games,
David Parry

I think the future of it is bright. Generally, it received good reports. There were a few bumps along the way but nothing significant where you'd hear anyone say, 'Chuck this, it's not working.' It's been the other way around. Most people believe it's been a good thing that has brought credibility and a trust (to the sport).
David Parry

[Parry, who spoke from his home in Indiana, said the debate over game times seems to be growing louder.] We need to look at some ways to speed up the games because they seem to be getting longer and longer and longer, ... It'll come up at the (NCAA) rules committee meeting in February. Maybe there are some tweaks to the rules we can make, maybe look at the length of commercial breaks.
David Parry

Simply, what you had was too many men on the field by Nebraska -- a whole slew of them -- and Michigan had two or three extra men out there. Since both teams had too many men and both teams fouled, it was an offsetting penalty, and the game was over. I think it might have been wise to throw penalty flags and to announce, to say, that it was an offsetting penalty; the game was over.
David Parry

If anything, my high school has even better attendance today than some Mondays.
David Parry