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There are the tales of the socks and underwear he keeps in his office desk, of having to stop at his office en route to weddings to pick up a suit, of colleagues calling at 3 in the morning to leave messages on his office phone and hearing him pick up. From his discombobulated apartment comes lore about lasagna grown petrified after three months in his oven - that is, once he'd had his stove connected.
David Margolick

He veered from hero to villain -- and both were untrue.
David Margolick

The fight implicated both the future of race relations and the prestige of two powerful nations. ... 'Louis represents democracy in its purest form: the Negro boy who would be permitted to become a world champion without regard to race, creed or color,' a sportswriter from Boston had written that morning. 'Schmeling represents a country which does not recognize that idea or ideal.'?
David Margolick

This story is surrounded by myths and cliches and I worked hard to get through and find out what was true.
David Margolick

They spent 40 minutes together in the ring, but history tied these two men together.
David Margolick