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This kind of research should not be done without proper ethical oversight. These are very, very tricky issues.
David Magnus

On the whole, it's a scary time in medical ethics because of consumer advertising. Leaving it up to the marketplace is not the optimal way to do medicine.
David Magnus

The worry is if you humanize them too much you cross certain boundaries. But I don't think this research comes even close to that.
David Magnus

It's a tough, tough issue that people could legitimately have different views about. The prudential argument that we should be cautious in this case carries some weight, but in the end the consistency argument is the overriding one. If Massachusetts decides they are going to allow payment of egg donors, and California decides they aren't, then we won't be able to share cell lines derived from one state to another. Whatever policies wind up getting put in place for this kind of an issue, it's really important that everybody be on the same page and have the same policies.
David Magnus

I worry that we're learning the wrong lesson and that is to overhaul the peer-review process. In the end, science and scientific publication hinges on the integrity of practitioners and the fact that it's a communal activity. It was just a matter of time before this was found out.
David Magnus