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This trial is starting to show we can offer pancreatic cancer patients precious extra time with a new treatment that can be taken in tablet form. These results are an important milestone in the treatment of pancreatic cancer.
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I probably get four or five calls a week from major corporations or large organizations that are getting these tests that show that their systems fail, ... Of course, the people who provide those tests always have a fix that they offer to sell.
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If organizations haven't done their due diligence to this point, you're going to see the red button hit, and when you're in a panic mode you have a tendency to grab at anything, ... We'll be seeing a lot of that.
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Assuming there is a finding of excessive force, there will be zero tolerance.
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You have to pay competitively but usually if someone leaves a company it's not about the money. You leave a company when you are unhappy with the management.
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