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What identity thieves are after is a profile, and a profile includes a home address, your birth date and your Social Security number. We have so many employees working out there with false credentials.
David Barton

We'll bring in some fabulous Worth Avenue-quality retailers and a great restaurant,
David Barton

It's wide open. We just wanted to focus on Roosevelt this week and keep our focus one week at a time.
David Barton

I'm all for free parking for the people who live here. But I think people from outside (such as elsewhere in Lee County) should adhere to different terms.
David Barton

We've been robbed. Robbed by the 3 percent. The 3 percent has taken away our heritage. We've got to get involved and take it back.
David Barton

There should be absolutely no "Separation of Church and State" in America
David Barton