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We came down and took quick shots, and we don't want to play that game with them. Up and down the court, that's their game, and I know that. We want the game in the 40s, low 50s max, and I think that put us in a tough spot.
Dave Martin

The nice thing about section games is that you get to play them again. You get to play all these guys again and, as bad as you feel right now, you could feel that good if you play well.
Dave Martin

There's always a surprise. It's part of the fun of the job. One client's technical security manager said the issue was lack of board acceptance. So he showed us the email he was sending his boss and even I was lost in paragraph two, it was so dense. Another client hired two convicted hackers into his bank's development team on the new online banking project because they were 'nice guys'.
Dave Martin

Everyone is saying it is the Olympic [marathon] trials and we're picking our team, but that may not be true. We're going to have a race and then we may have a bunch of indecisiveness.
Dave Martin

It really looks like there should be no excuse for not having a medal.
Dave Martin

It's kind of like Marriage Encounter, only it's for couples getting married.
Dave Martin