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It's tough any time you make a lot of new acquisitions. It takes time to jell.
Dave Collins

[99th over: England 367-6 (Flintoff 14, Jones 8) Having seen Pietersen get out playing the hook shot, Flintoff is reluctant to follow suit - twice Lee tries to bounce him that out, twice he plays a high forward defensive.] Quite believably 13% of Americans believe Joan of Ark was the wife of Noah, ... It must be true because I read it in Zoo!
Dave Collins

It (World Cross Country), might not be part of the targets set by UK Sport but is still very important - it is a fantastic way to help youngsters come through.
Dave Collins

We're going to have a mixed reaction because folks in our classrooms are representative of the population. Some are eager to use new technology and others would rather use pencil and paper.
Dave Collins
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