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Darcy Tucker Quotes

It was a funny situation, ... My son was born and as the nurse yelled out the time of birth -- 7:05 p.m. -- everybody started chuckling, which I couldn't understand. Then someone said it was happening around the same time the puck was being dropped in our game [against Montreal] at the Air Canada Centre. I guess I'll have to get the little guy a stick.
Darcy Tucker

We're trying to stick together here and do the proper things and do the proper plays and work hard in practice and find ways to win hockey games, but it's awfully frustrating when you lose.
Darcy Tucker

I was going to hit him, but I was in a bad position and I realized I would hurt him, so I pulled out. Maybe I touched him. But I could have hit him and I didn't.
Darcy Tucker

We're going to keep fighting and give it our best shot.
Darcy Tucker

My eye watered for the rest of the game. There was some blood rolling around in there for four or five minutes and then it calmed down.
Darcy Tucker

We'll worry about [tonight] and go from there.
Darcy Tucker