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From a special teams perspective, it's a huge loss. He's a veteran, well respected and a high-energy guy. He plays every play like it's his last play.
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We won a game by two points and he went three-for-three in field goals.
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I think we have an abundance of quality Canadians here. When we started these discussions, the ratio was something we took into consideration and we're very comfortable where we are right now as far as the ratio goes.
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We haven't come to a firm conclusion yet. It seems that it's something that will be implemented. As far as all the details regarding it go, they are still unanswered.
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I'm flattered to be a finalist. For a first-year coach it doesn't get any better than that. But Tom Higgins took a team that hadn't made the playoffs for the last few years and led them to a playoff berth and second place in the West.
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