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Dan Hartleb Quotes

Chase has matured a lot as a person and as a player. He got a good number of at bats early in the year and is starting to feel comfortable at the plate and is seeing the ball very well. He has learned to use all fields instead of being a one-dimensional hitter.
Dan Hartleb

Our bullpen was poor. We walked too many guys and the only time we pitched well was when no body was on base and there wasn't any pressure.
Dan Hartleb

Overall I thought from both sides of the field we weren't a very good team today. We got runners on base but didn't do a good job of playing team baseball.
Dan Hartleb

He is so successful because he's such a competitor. I can't say I'm surprised he's doing this, but it's pleasant to see.
Dan Hartleb

We go into every game to win. I think we are a solid team when the right people are on the mound. I expect our guys to play hard but we need to continue to progress and we aren't a team that can just walk on the field and things will just happen for us. We have to play intelligent and have to pitch well and play error free.
Dan Hartleb