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Cuttino Mobley Quotes

Sam and I are the veterans when it comes to playoff experience. We're trying to come out strong, set the tone for the rest of the guys.
Cuttino Mobley

I told the guys in training camp, `We're a good team, ... We've got a nice bench and we've got a nice starting combo when we're all on the court -- Sam, myself, Corey, Elton, Chris [Kaman] -- that's a nice squad right there. If we just keep playing together like we've been doing, we'll be fine.
Cuttino Mobley

Me getting in foul trouble, that was the difference. I shouldn't put our team in that situation. The coach relies on me doing different things on the court. Ad when I'm not out there, we've got Sam playing with a bad back and a lot of young guys out there. It's kind of hard to battle back when you ain't got that much time.
Cuttino Mobley

You could say it was fatigue. We got out hustled the last three games, out rebounded and I guess its energy. We didn't compete as a team. I hope this loss is a wake up call. I hope we do something during this little break to take care of our bodies because I know I am. I'm dead tired. The last three losses have been frustrating. Any loss is frustrating.
Cuttino Mobley

Getting the first game is super huge. That's what the home-court advantage is for.
Cuttino Mobley