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Craig Wilson Quotes

In this business, trades are something that happen. I've been traded before. I was traded over to Pittsburgh. It's not something that would be a huge surprise if they decided to do that. If it happens, it happens.
Craig Wilson

I think it's a great step, not only for the club, but for Jason. He's proven over the last two years what he can do. It lets the fans know that Jason will be here for a while. It's outstanding for him and for us.
Craig Wilson

I don't want to sit here and make up excuses because that's really tired when that happens,
Craig Wilson

I've done a fair share of stupid things in my life, a couple of which should have put me in the grave. But here I am, typing away as if I had a brain.
Craig Wilson

It's definitely not much fun, but what can you do? All you can do is, when your name is called, try to get the job done.
Craig Wilson

Obviously, I can't make up for time lost. I'll just go out there and, as bad as it sounds, take it one game at a time and work on that.
Craig Wilson