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Courtney Vandersloot Quotes

It was definitely frustrating sitting on the bench in the first quarter. I had faith in my teammates, and then when I got out there, I just tried to get to the basket.
Courtney Vandersloot

It's my role as a leader to step up and get the job done. We have a really young basketball team, and I provided a leadership role.
Courtney Vandersloot

Our freshmen are really stepping up. They've been helping us and carrying us lately.
Courtney Vandersloot

Every game we come out with pressure. We want them to be scared to get the ball in.
Courtney Vandersloot

It seemed like our shots weren't dropping for us like they were the first half, and it seemed like everything was going in for them. The momentum was shifted towards them and it was tough for us to get it back, but we did what we needed to do, I guess.
Courtney Vandersloot