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I've never walked. If I'm laying off balls, I might get some walks. But I don't go up looking for a walk. Never have. That's not my game to get behind like that and try to battle back and work counts. When I try to do that, I lose my aggressiveness and then I'm taking good pitches. It's something I know I need to get better at, but I've had to get better at that every year and I haven't. Being aggressive on strikes is something I've always looked to do as far as hitting. I feel like I've done well with that approach.
Clint Barmes

He's kind of like that sheep dog that keeps showing up in the cartoon, ... He punches in, punches out, he doesn't have a whole lot to say. But you look up at the board and he's got double-digit homers [10], he's got [63] RBIs. As I've said all year long, he's hit the ball harder, with more consistency, and made more hard outs than anybody on this ballclub right now. Anytime you've got Todd Helton on your ballclub, that's something.
Clint Barmes