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We also believe ongoing speculation about a potential merger partner can provide price support at current levels.
Christopher Dixon

We view the recent Yahoo! sell-off as overdone. We believe anyone investing in Yahoo! on the belief that the Internet represents a good advertising medium is missing the story.
Christopher Dixon

More and more people are spending money on marketing. Companies are going to need to increase their marketing budgets as we move into this increasing complex economy. That's great news for these media companies -- whether it's Viacom or what we'll see this afternoon with Disney.
Christopher Dixon

The net result is to create a smaller, faster-growing entity that is now superbly positioned to benefit from the ongoing development and expansion of the companies' unique portfolio of interactive properties.
Christopher Dixon

We believe this compelling valuation offsets very real concerns about management's ability to develop a path out of the quagmire.
Christopher Dixon

There is a 60-percent likelihood of this scenario.
Christopher Dixon