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I thought Connor handled the situation with great poise, and he did not force anything. Our other guys did enough to win.
Chris Roche

Elias Eave was spectacular tonight. He's really finding a nice rhythm on the block and beginning to utilize varied post moves to score.
Chris Roche

He has worked as hard as anyone in our program to improve and his dedication is paying off. It is really a treat to watch him blossom right before our eyes this year.
Chris Roche

Alex is a great leader on this team practicing very hard every day without the promise of playing time. He's a very good shooter and everybody on our team respects his work ethic and I'm delighted he took advantage of the opportunity he was given tonight.
Chris Roche
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The game for us was like our game at Estacada we lacked focus, intensity and toughness. And they simply beat us.
Chris Roche
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