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The group is exceptionally well positioned for future growth in 2006 with a strong order book and good visibility of earnings, supported by a high level of recurrent revenues.
Chris Moore
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[Too often, business migration to converged communications is met with an unresponsive, inflexible IT infrastructure, thus stalling the adoption of necessary applications. Enterprises now require a flexible, high-performance network that is prepared for new applications, such as voice, yet hardened against security threats.] Extreme Networks offers an innovative and open approach, stressing high availability, security, ease of management and integration with other best-in-class technology, ... The result is a network infrastructure built to accommodate different forms of traffic and media, and designed to transform connectivity into a business utility.
Chris Moore

Usually, I like to come in with a straight fastball and take it from there. Sometimes, I'll work in my slider. Everything seemed to be working today, so it was real good.
Chris Moore

He's gotten a lot better at reading his keys inside. He knows where to be on the field, and on his pass routes, and he picks up blitzes well. He's turned himself into a good football player.
Chris Moore
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We did not play well or hard against Richland. Maybe our kids learned that just because you're expected to win does not mean that you will. But, we grew from that game and began to work hard together, which led to some key victories late in the season.
Chris Moore