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I'm not about showing you how to crochet a dog bed, ... But I'll show you 10 chic dog beds, where you can get them and how to put them in a room.
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Before they were importers, but now with tuition fees, and given the exchange rates, the cost of studying here is not much more than staying at home.
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[The Liverpool, N.Y., native has had his ups and downs, seeking a chance to stick in the AHL. He was the MVP of the 1998 Memorial Cup as his Guelph team lost in overtime in the championship game. He has one appearance already, a 32-minute relief stint opening night. He allowed two goals on 12 shots in the Sound Tigers' 8-1 debacle. In the preseason, he stopped 22 of 26 shots in two halves of games.] (Playing opening night helps) a little bit. Exhibition is not bad, but the regular season is a quicker game, ... It's good to get out there and get a feel for the game a little bit.
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