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We have an 'older' club this year. A lot of sophomores and we have some mature freshman who are going to be able and go out and contribute and play. [They will] contribute in a lot of ways to help this team out, to compete to win the Jayhawk West again, compete for the Region VI Final and compete for a national title.
Chris Finnegan

There's more excitement than there is nervousness right now. I'm sure going into the first game of the year; being out there [on the field] the first time and running the game it'll be a little nerve racking. I think if you ask any head coach they're going to tell you their first game as a head coach was a little nerve racking.
Chris Finnegan

Last year we didn't have a lot of depth; this year we do. We have a lot of quality players coming off the bench this year. They understand their role. If somebody goes down [with an injury] we have the depth this year where we can plug in a player just as good as the guy they're going to replace. Last year we didn't have that [depth] and at times it put us in the hole.
Chris Finnegan