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Not too many of them were well-hit balls, mostly just looping singles over the infield. They just hit it where we weren't.
Chris Cramer

When kids hear about business today, it's often not in a flattering light. I would hope that we have presented business to them in a better way. We want them to know that most businesses are run by people trying to do good things and improve economic opportunities for people in their communities.
Chris Cramer

Our audience expects CNN to rise to an occasion like this and we will not disappoint,
Chris Cramer

Journalistic excellence and enterprise is at the heart of CNN's philosophy. We believe these Awards play a valuable role in the promotion and encouragement of quality journalism in Africa.
Chris Cramer

If you consider the fact that Vietnam went on for 14 or 15 years, you get a measure of how dangerous it is. At the start of the [Iraq] conflict, there were more journalists in harm's way. And even two years and one month on, there are still a large number of media people who have a desire an appropriate desire to tell this story on the front line.
Chris Cramer
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