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Chris Braier Quotes

I was shocked. I thought they were kidding. When you look at the competition and the type of people out there, I don't consider myself in that class. To be a finalist, I was surprised. To win the award is unbelievable.
Chris Braier

They're playing so well that we don't think of them as freshmen or sophomores. They're not scared at all. Maybe it's from playing in big games, but they come into big games and shoot the ball.
Chris Braier

(St. Norbert) came out with great intensity today, so our hat's off to them.
Chris Braier

I'll think about that after the season, but right now it's one and done. If we didn't play well this season, I guess I would have had no chance to break it. So it's a testament to my teammates as much as anything.
Chris Braier
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